J Factor Kids

We are a non profit organization that exists to encourage, exhort and equip single moms and dads in their journey to raise next generational leaders.

Board of Directors

Shandel Sutherland – President

John “Scott” Sutherland – Vice President

Tara Melton – Director

How We Will Behave

Our values: We will truly seek to KNOW and to be KNOWN

Kindness (vs. niceness) – 

  • Speak the truth with love, understanding, and empathy.
  • Be considerate of others: Friendly, patient, and true concern
  • Give generously
  • Be tolerant and patient as you learn.
    • NO Fear 

    • We take risks and we speak all fears out in the open
    • Faith and love drive out fear – we are a sans fear community
    • Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!
      • Ownership

      • We do not blame others, we own our stuff.
      • We quickly admit mistakes, seek forgiveness and change our mindset
      • We are self-aware of ourselves, others, and our stuff
        • Work Hard

        • We give our best in all we do 
        • We look to serve others and never give up
        • We play hard after we work hard. We have fun!

        No Isolation

        • We are at war with isolation – it is our common enemy
        • When we go “below the line” we call someone ASAP
        • When we feel alone, we text or reach out



        1. One that actively contributes to an accomplishment, result or process.
        2. One who acts for someone else: agent. 
        3. A person or firm that accepts accounts receivable as security for short-term loans 
        4. Math: 1 of 2 (or more) that when multiplied together yield a given product.

        Exhort: To make an urgent appeal via strong advice and encouragement.

        Encourage: To inspire with hope, courage, and confidence. To give support to; foster. 

        Equip: To supply with necessities such as tools or provisions. To furnish with the qualities necessary for performance!

        Why We Exist


        We are driven to see children find their purpose and lead the next generation.


        The children we serve will lead the next generation to healthy families & intentional living with joyful leadership.


        The J Factor is a non profit organization that exists to encourage, exhort and equip single parents and children in their journey to raise next generational leaders.

        What We Do

        1. Educate both parents and children on living a purpose-filled life, leading others to make good choices, and loving their joyful life. 
          1. Living with Intention 
          2. Leading by choices
          3. Loving from joy
        2. Meet Practical Needs: Clothes, food, housing, counseling, sports, etc
        3. Opportunity Mining: Jobs, serve community, give back programs
        4. Coaching in leadership,life skills, and career planning

        Where It’s At

        3855 Churn Creek Road
        Redding, CA 96002

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        Join us in raising up the next generation of leaders.